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Whats My Decoration Style

What s my decoration style quiz

What's My Decorating Style HGTV

What’s My Decorating Style HGTV

Decoration is great way to make your home atmosphere look great. Every home needed decoration. Decoration is divided into several ways, which is filling the new furniture, change the paint color, or organize the furniture entire your area.

Filling the new furniture in your home is a great way to decoration. It is simple way to decoration your home to make it look good. Everyone can use this way to decoration. All you need is purchase any furniture to complement the room.

When it comes to filling your home with touches you love, there are types of decorating. There are four type of decoration style that influences most of us. From country French and cottage, to contemporary and traditional style, which is the best style for you? Which style do you prefer?

Define My Decorating Style

Define My Decorating Style

To get imagine of decoration style, you can follow what’s my decoration style quiz. This is the best site to help you determine the best style for your home that fit your personality. What’s my decoration style is great way to help you considering the best item that fit your style prefer.

What’s my decoration style quiz is fun visual quiz will help you focus your décor choices. Once you have determined your design type and pick the product. Go your decorating style defined for inspiration of product picks, dream rooms, shopping tips, and more.

There are some questions about item you have to choose. You are freely to choose the right one that fit your personality and style do you prefer. The question is related with furniture include color, chairs, table,

On each page, check the item that most appeal to you. You do not have to think much. No thinking just goes with your gut and move quickly. At the ends of the quiz, you will find the key to decode your answer. With what’s my decoration style quiz, you will learn your decorating style.

Some question in what’s my decoration style include

–          When picking items for your home, what the colors do you gravitate towards?

–          What type of furniture do you secretly crave?

–          What type of fabrics do you prefer?

–          Using a design or pattern can you give your space character? You would select

–          What lighting fixtures are you drawn to?

–          To finish off a room’s look, what would you add?

–          Flooring is an important factor and often overlooked, design feature. What type of flooring do you like to your home?

–          Which flora and fauna would you pick to display in your house?

–          What would you put on your walls?

–          How do you dress your windows?


My Decorating Style Test

My Decorating Style Test

To try these decoration quizzes you can check out at www.just-for-mom.quiz.kaboose.com or check out at www.realsimple.com.

Check out these sites and try to follow the instruction to start choosing the style. There are some questions or at least question you have to fill. They will calculate your results.






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