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Vanity Trays For Dresser

Antique vanity trays for dresser for sale

Antique Dresser Tray

Antique Dresser Tray

Vanity tray is a stuffed to bring a glasses, when the guest in attendance. Besides that, it can add beautiful view on your dresser. Vanity tray is like an accessories you can place on dresser to add stunning atmosphere. In generally, vanity tray feature a few item.

Vanity tray is a decorative stuffed that appropriate as accessories décor on the dresser. It is also good to decorate with glassware. A stunning will deliver from vanity tray and glassware. Decorate your dresses with something stylish like antique vanity tray.

Dresser Trays for Men

Dresser Trays for Men

There are a lot of vanity trays available in many stores. To add stylish and stunning look, consider to choose antique vanity trays. You can’t go wrong with these decorative stuffed. Beside to give stylish look, but it is also bring elegant feeling.

Beautiful vanity trays set was created to go with reflection 3D vanity furniture. Choosing antique or vintage vanity trays is obvious choice. Antique vanity trays will give your home an old fashioned and vintage look.

Vanity Tray for Dresser Italy

Vanity Tray for Dresser Italy

Go to antique look with a few of vanity trays on the dresser. Antique accessories are not just old look, but they are an invitation to the past. Place a few antique vanity trays on your dresser. These can still have a great shine and stylist look.

Looking for antique vanity tray for dresser, you have come to the right place. We have some antique vanity trays to you choose from.

–          Charming array of antique dresser pieces – $129.00

If you are lovely antique vanity set with hand printed, no damages, small gold wear. These vanity trays made from French Limoges porcelain candlesticks.

–          Vintage 1920-1930 bisque porcelain dresser tray with figural scene – $339.00

This is stunning and dressy vanity tray. Even though unmarked it is made of fine quality bisque porcelain, with lots of slip designs, estimates to be around 80 years old, backside shows nice aging, central theme is a romance figural scenic depiction appearing hand painted, just a little smudge of discolor but not much at all, and made with soft color palette. It is an elegant and formal vanity tray with nice eye appeal.

Dresser Tray

Dresser Tray

–          Fabulous large 7 piece antique hand painted vanity set

This is gorgeous assortment of porcelain dresser accessories feature pink apple blossoms, perfume bottle, hair receiver and boxes.

–          A most stunning hand painted antique dresser set – $289.00

This is another vanity tray that appropriate to place on your dresser. Gorgeous apple blossom and all over green shading feature 4 pieces set with early 1900 Limoges and Austrian marks, talcum shaker, hair receiver, and oval box.

For order you can check out at www.antiquepeek.com. These places you can take a much of antique vanity tray for dresser. There are so many vanity tray options. We are sure you will find the gorgeous vanity tray to decorate your dresser. They are also offering you to order via email. Easiest way to get gorgeous stuffed so grab it fast now.


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