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Rachel Zoe Home Décor

Racher zoe home décor styles

Rachel Zoe New Home

Rachel Zoe New Home

When it come to talk about Rachel zoe, it is always interesting. In this time, we will discuss about her home. What is the Rachel zoe home décor style. Rachel zoe might be one of the most famous stylish in the world, but who know she had such great taste in home décor.

Rachel zoe rosenzweig or also better known as Rachel zoe was born on September 1, 1971. She is an American fashion stylist best known for working with celebrities, beauty firms, magazine editors, advertising agencies, and fashion house.

Rachel Zoe Jeremiah

Rachel Zoe Jeremiah

Rachel zoe has been involved in the fashion industry for more over 2 decades. And has since become a renowned stylish and designer. She is known for her extensive influence in the fashion world. She is married to Rodger berman which is president of Rachel zoe inc. their first child is skyler Morrison berman was born on march 22, 2011.

It is brief of her carrier and her family. Next discussion is about her home décor. Rachel and rodger has a new house and im in serious love with Rachel and rodger’s gorgeous new digs. When comes to interviewed, she is very nice

She is allowing the reporters to cover her new home. Rachel zoe is not letting the reporter though her front door quiet yet, but the keeping up with Rachel start shared a few of her favorite area and furniture.

Rachel Zoe Living Room

Rachel Zoe Living Room

Jeremiah Brent was the man behind the design and he really proved himself to be an amazing designer when it comes to pulling together Rachel’s home. And believe it or not, he did the entire project in a scant 10 days.

In this case, Rachel will tell us about the design process for pulling together her home in record time. Here are brief interview about Rachel’s home include some photos to share you.

Transforming the Traditional style

Rachel zoe and rodger get inspiration to traditional style. It was very traditional. She choose warm atmosphere in hardwood floor. These designs are to blend two different aesthetics. The juxtaposition is strong and even more authentic to the people who live in the home.

Rachel and rodger use traditional architecture as a subtle and formidable backdrop for the contemporary furnishings. She uses a soft and almost iridescent color choice for it. Rachel brings some very contemporary masculine shaped furniture such as a vintage Mario bellini arm chair.

The boundaries design

Rachel Zoe Home Interior

Rachel Zoe Home Interior

Rachel and Rodger have a clear love of white furniture. She pushed them to use a more jewel toned palette and by keeping the lines clean. The outcome was a clean, chic home, and modern Parisian that Rachel and Rodger felt completely at peace in.

Jeremiah Brent always said that a great home should be looked upon like a great outfit. When it comes to decoration home, you should have your clean and classic staples like a strong chair, sofa, the lighting, accent tables, and accessories. These are easy pieces that you can swap out to evolve your style.

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