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Great Decorating Ideas for Girl’s Dorm Room

Great Decorating Ideas for Girl’s Dorm Room

Absolutely, the first opportunities are presented by a dorm room for girls, because a section can be decorated by their own version. The personal touches can be applied to your dorm room by inserting bold accents and photos if you are heading to college. It can be greater if the limited part is enhanced by finding furniture that double duty is served. Something you can replace as your taste changes should be selected.

If you have a plan to decorate girl’s dorm room, but if you are still need more tips and ideas to get the best result, so you can consider trying to look a few tips and ideas below that can help you to complete and even realize your plan and also guide you to get the best result as well as your plan. So, let’s take a look!

Photo Wall

Dorm Room and Dorm Rooms Decorating Ideas

Dorm Room and Dorm Rooms Decorating Ideas

Since it is difficult to leave family and friends for the first time, the memories of them with you might be saved by creating a photo wall. Your favorite family photos might be the first, and then excited shots with friends and images from your senior prom. They can be considered to hang on the wall above your desk or your bed. As the year progresses, the photos of your college friends may be inserted if you want to perfect the photos. A length of twine might be applied across a window or wall and the photos might be kept with the spring clothespins if you want more pulled together look.


The personality with bold decoration accents can be inserted if the dorm rooms cannot structurally be designed by you. The simplest way that a huge statement can be created in a small room is bedding. A brightly colored bedspread might be selected, so your style will be expressed (purchasing extra long sheets to fit the dorm mattresses may not be forgotten) the wall hangings, decorative desk lamps and the curtains can be applied. The rope lighting might be put up around the beds, if a touch of fun wishes to be inserted and provide an alternative to harsh fluorescent lights.


The last aspect you have to think is about the storage. In a dorm room, storage will be a primary concern; especially you didn’t bring a few clothing and belongings. The over the door hangers can be used for shoes, hanging baskets for makeup or wall-mounted organizers for lotions and small miscellaneous items, so the clutter can be prevented. Your books can be held by stack brightly colored crates next to your desk and the top might be used for showing photos and a basket of school supplies can also be held. The most of your dorm space can be created with the furniture that has hidden storage. The hollow ottoman cubes should be looked for, so your books might be stored and can be served as side tables and seating, or a futon can be considered to buy with built in drawers underneath.


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