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Restorative yoga class in NYC

Ishta Yoga Union Square

Ishta Yoga Union Square

Restorative yoga is one of another postures in yoga class. there are various yoga posture sin class that includes restorative yoga postures, breath work and various energy body, mind, and self-healing modalities leading the student impulsively into deep meditation at the end of the class.

Restorative yoga is a delicious surrender into quietness that is supported by postures on blankets and bolsters. You can get plenty of benefits from restorative yoga. These postures will help you have a better life than you expected before.

Restorative yoga will help you relieve the effect of chronic stress. Each restorative sequence is designed to move the spine in all directions. Enjoy and relax by doing restorative yoga. Restorative yoga is in a lot of yoga studios.

If you live in New York City, you are in luck. The yoga studio below offers restorative yoga just for you. Here are some yoga studios that are offering restorative yoga postures in New York City. Let’s check these out!

Ishta Yoga

Ishta Yoga

–          The yoga room

Are located in 38-01035th ave

Astoria, NY 11101

At phone number 718-274-0255

Go visit at www.the-yoga-room.com

Anonymous said “I loved this place, it is a very clean and casual. They give you 2 towels at no charge and the whole facility is hardwood floors. The instructor is amazing and very nurturing. This is the best facility I have ever been to. The bathroom at this location is a little but it does not really bother me.”

–          Iyengar yoga institute

Are located in 150 W 22nd st

New York, NY 10011

At phone number 212-691-9642

Go visit at www.iyengarnyc.org

This place is pricey. But all facilities are gorgeous. They have tons of equipment and the instructors I have had have been top-notch.”

Ohm Factory Yoga

Ohm Factory Yoga,

–          Om factory yoga

Are located in 265 W 37th st

New York, NY 10018

At phone number 212-616-8662

Go visit at www.omfactorynyc.com

Anonymous said “this is the perfect place for practice. I love the small class size. It allows the instructors time to assist you. The anti gravity yoga here is wonderful. My personal favorite Anti gravity teacher is Emilia. Emilia is a really gifted teacher.”

–          Upper west side yoga and wellness

Are located in 75B west side

New York, NY 10024

At phone number 212-595-2221

Go visit at www.uwsyoga.com

Anonymous said “this is an amazing studio. This place is great for people of all levels as the teachers are incredibly patient and very helpful. The teacher treats everybody in the class like family. They will always make me enjoy the class. Im so happy found this place.”

Ishta Yoga Downtown

Ishta Yoga Downtown

–          Yoga Vida NYC

Are located in 666 Broadway

New York, NY 10012

At phone number 212-845-9973

Go visit at www.yogavida.com

Anonymous said “I really like this yoga studio. The staff is friendly and yoga teachers are amazing. The fees are amazingly affordable. There are more classes in the afternoon and after work. Expect to hear the people chit-chating with music on full blast before class starts.”

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