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For you who want to find the best furniture for their home you should try to find it from the biggest company so you could have large selection of furniture for you to use. Furthermore you could also see many kinds of high quality product that the company own and get cheaper price because large company usually bought their product in large number so they could get cheaper price from the manufacturer.

Ashley Furniture Logo

Ashley Furniture Logo

If that what you expect, you could try to find your furniture from the Ashley Furniture Company. This company has been build since nineteen forty five by Carlyle Weinberger as a sales only company with two locations in Chicago, Illinois, and Goshen, Indiana.

Through continues development the Ashley Furniture Company open their own factory in nineteen seventy five that located in Arcadia, Wisconsin. This factory own thirty five thousand square feet area to produce occasional tables and wall system with their thirty five employees.

Until today the Arcadia, Wisconsin factory location has become the Ashley Furniture Company’s headquarter to hold many of the company’s activity such as administration business, product assembly, and also manufacturing their own product.

The Ashley Furniture Company has a mission of wanting to be the best furniture company through giving the best product with best prices to their customer that delivered through the best service from their employee.

The Ashley Furniture Company manufactures their own product in the United State of America so they could hire more people in the state. They also purchase their component and import other product from many brands from all over the world so you could get the best product in the world. Furthermore this company also take their sell product from local artisan so they could support local artist more by giving them way to sell their product. The Ashley Furniture Company also owned their own brand named Ashley Furniture, Ashley Millennium, and Ashley Sleep.

The Ashley Furniture Company store is spread in all fifty eight states in America as well as Canada and Mexico. You could easily find one of the thousand stores that this company has through their store locator in the Ashley Furniture Company official website.

Inside the Ashley Furniture Company store you would be able to find many kinds of furniture that you could use for many kinds of rooms that you have inside your house such as living room, dining room, bedroom, home office, accent, entertainment centers, and many other.

Ashley Furniture Service

Ashley Furniture Service

There are many kinds of style that you could find from Ashley Furniture Company such as contemporary, metro modern, old world, transitional, traditional, classic, vintage casual, and youth.

There are many kinds of collection that you could find from Ashley Furniture Company such as Carlyle, Cross Island, Hamlyn, Kenwood Loft, Key Town, Leighton, Martini Suite, North Shore, porter and many other collections.

There are many kinds of products that you could find from Ashley Furniture Company such as chair, table, bar, buffet, China, desk, occasional table, bed, mattress, bed frames, chest, armories, dresser, mirror, ottomans, bedding ensembles, lamp, reclining, rug, and many other products.

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